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BOSYN Launches S1 Tool


BOSYN Launches S1 Tool

BOSYN is preparing to bring its first product to market; S1 (Step One) is in final development and testing. S1 will enable pricing professionals to store rate arrangement data in the cloud, which will persist and interact with users as compliance events approach. Centralizing the capture and management of rate arrangement information in a uniform data structure with standard classifications and categorizations creates a powerful platform from which CFOs may initiate a multiple-step strategy to enhance and improve all aspects of their firms’ pricing policy and practices. BOSYN expects that S1 will be implemented as an enterprise solution and, therefore, is planning to provide both process and data integration capabilities for applicable Business Intake and Billing systems.

BOSYN CEO, CTO, Co-founder, and accomplished data architect Chip Cherry comments that, “Through our extensive industry experience (as The Pennsy Group) and independent research, we recognized that many law firms struggle to manage client-specific billing rates. While the complexities and scale of the problem are certainly influenced by the current market, the industry’s ability to develop an effective and efficient solution for this problem is blocked by a prevalent gap in its historical systems infrastructure. The result is that law firms are losing revenue, extending their collection times (thereby increasing their working capital requirements), and incurring additional costs, all of which directly impact law firm profit. Providing a robust and sophisticated yet straight-forward architecture for Rate Arrangement data collection and classification, which is the primary intent of S1, will enable law firms to improve the accuracy of billing rates, gain valuable insights to support decision making, and most importantly, increase profitability. We’re very excited to bring Step 1 to market!”

S1 will be available for implementation in Q4 of 2017 – reach out to BOSYN for a demo. Email or call 872-802-1557.

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